What About the Rest of Your Life by sung

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What About the Rest of Your Life by sung

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Released November 3, 2017

Named a 2018 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Transgender Nonfiction

In their soaring and urgent debut memoir, sung captures a sleepy sad slice of Americana recognizable to anyone who’s driven past a strip mall at midnight. Equal parts grim and buoyant, here is an intimate portrait of trauma, family, addiction, and body. What About the Rest of Your Life exposes the harrowing terrain where there is no boundary between love and abuse. Unapologetically raw, sung reinvents the recovery narrative through an immigrant's lens.

Paperback: 208 pages
Publication date: November 3, 2017
Dimensions: 5 x 0.55 x 7.75 inches
Author photo: Jason Quigley
Cover design: Aaron Robert Miller

About the author:
sung is a writer and interdisciplinary artist from Korea. Their essays and poems have appeared in The James Franco Review, Contrary, Kweli, Crab Fat Magazine, and in a chapbook from Ghost City Press.

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Praise for What About the Rest of Your Life:

"To say that What About the Rest of Your Life is unflinching would be an understatement. But unflinching implies a stoicism. This is a text that resists indifference."

-Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, BOMB Magazine

"A moving and unforgettable memoir of redemption."

-Largehearted Boy

“So achingly beautiful I want to sing. I want to set things on fire. I want to put this book in your hands and say, ‘Here. You have to read this. Right goddamn now.’”

 -Megan StielstraThe Wrong Way to Save Your Life

“Never before has a book made me fall in love so quickly. What About the Rest of Your Life signals a courageous, crucial, and authentic new voice in literature."

 -Jenny Boully, Book of Beginnings and Endings

"sung has absorbed and chronicled the new unsettled America in a memoir that vibrates with grief as it attempts to uncover the nexus of masked identities in the Midwest. Theirs is the voice of a generation who is left with the pieces of a disassembled culture. What About the Rest of Your Life is a sustained movement of life, its rawness, gaping holes, and found joys."

-Re'Lynn Hansen, author of To Some Women I Have Known

“Read this book built from dopamine and the hollows of its absence, this book I’m obsessed with. It will gut you and it will refill you." 

-Elissa Washuta, My Body Is a Book of Rules

“This book is fucking brilliant.”

 -Glenn Taylor, A Hanging at Cinder Bottom

“The kind of book that gets you somewhere new, somewhere more honest and shot through with the hard emotion of living. A striking debut.”

 -T FleischmannSyzygy, Beauty: An Essay

"sung has written an enthralling memoir. It's powerful, vulnerable, and deeply pleasurable. It's a harrowing house fire of a book. Everything that sung burns up with their excellent prose becomes sanctified, gutted, and glorious."

-David Stuart MacLeanThe Answer to the Riddle Is Me